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Beach Parking Permit and Lifeguard Information

Permits are required from June 15th to Labor Day each year from 8-5 p.m. for Gil Boucher Park (Biddeford Pool), Fortunes Rocks and Middle Beach.

Passes are not required for Rotary Park Beach.

Permits may be purchased at the City Clerks office (Mon-Fri 8a.m.-5p.m.), Day passes may be purchased, depending on availability and weather permitting through the parking attendants at Gil Boucher Park.

Non-resident permits have restricted hours at Gil Boucher Park (lower lot) and Middle Beach (noon-5p.m.).

Biddeford Beach Permits

Resident beach permits are as follows:

$25.00  for the first vehicle, $15.00 per additional vehicle registered at the same address.
$15.00 for residents 65 and older.

beach permits are as follows:

  • Season permit: $125.00
  • 7-Day permit:  $65.00
  • 3-Day permit:  $40.00
  • 1-Day permit: $20.00
Lifeguards are on duty Mid June through Labor Day - at Gilbert R.Boucher Park, Middle Beach, Fortunes Rocks and Rotary Park.